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Furious Dream
Osvaldo Friger
Voted by Judge 1.


A Day in the Dirt
Curtis Guise
Voted by Judges 1,3,5.

Finding My Way To The Top
Daniel Stanley
Voted by Judges 1,5.

Ride Until the Sun Sets
Wojciech Betlej
Voted by Judge 1.

Magic on Two Wheels
Michael Jean-Marie Scansetti
Voted by Judge 1.

One Hour Earlier
Zach Belczyk
Voted by Judge 1.


Nick Woodman
An avid surfer, race car driver, and family man, Nick Woodman began his GoPro journey in the waters of Indonesia, where his passion for surfing and his desire to capture those moments in the waves sparked the creation of the first wearable GoPro camera. His auto racing exploits then inspired him to evolve his camera's versatility and mounting ability. Today, his little idea has grown into the GoPro line of cameras and accessories we all know and love today. Still a passionate surfer and racer, Woodman is now best known as the founder and CEO of GoPro, the World's Most Versatile CameraTM.

Joey Logano
Joey learned at an early age what it meant to work hard for the things he wanted. Life served as his classroom, and with each lesson, Joey learned to reap rewards or suffer losses based on the work he put in. When Joey first joined the ranks of NASCAR, his battle was constant, and free handouts were not part of his repertoire. Whether it's talking shop with his crew, tireless hours in the team garage or tinkering with engines himself, Joey's drive is relentless. Driven by the constant need for competition, Joey looks for any opportunity to take on a challenge, stare it down and prevail.

Matt Farah
Farah is a five-time Bullrun Rally competitor, a veteran student at many racing schools, has raced in the Baja 1000, the Silver State Classic, the Mojave Mile, Chumpcar World Series, and the 24 Hours of Lemons, but most importantly, he lives to drive and drives to live. In the last year alone, Farah covered 105,000 miles while reviewing over 100 different cars. For Matt and his team, studying and filming cars isn't a job, it's a way of life.

Drew Fishbein
Starting with a few grassroots events at Willow Springs, Drew eventually found his way to Formula Drift, shooting for for an entire season. Next up was, which became an overnight success by carving out a less serious niche in the marketplace. Drew has always tried to find the most unique angles when using his GoPro camera, putting them into some of the most demanding situations he can dream up on the track. In addition to his photo and video work, Drew has been a guest media judge for Vegas Drift, twice.

Bryce Menzies
Bryce Menzies was born a racer on August 21, 1987, in Mesa, Arizona. Growing up riding dirtbikes with his family and friends, he quickly found a passion for racing and the outdoors. Trying to find an outlet for this passion, Bryce and his father decided to go racing professionally and created Menzies Motorsports where they started competing in buggies in both the desert and short course style of racing.

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